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Project Description

Wakefield_Intl_Logo2009 was a year of continued innovation at the Taylor winery, home of Wakefield wines.   Mitchell Taylor, Managing Director and Winemaker, was one of the moving forces behind the “Australia’s First Families of Wine” initiative.   This brought together eleven of the most celebrated family names in Australian wine to “tell the real story of the Australian Wine Industry from the families that developed and nurtured it”.

Another of the family’s projects bore fruit in 2009 and in February 2010, Wakefield “80 Acres” won the ‘Best Green Brand Launch’ at a ceremony in London.  Wakefield Wines is committed to protecting its local natural environment and to ensuring its business pursues ecologically sustainable goals.  In 2009 the ‘80 Acres’ brand became the world’s first wine brand to receive the 100% Carbon Neutral status (ISO 14001).  This was the result of several years work in a wide variety of projects including water management, assessment of the carbon footprint of the wine from the preparation of the soil, planting the vines, through its lifecycle to the production, shipping and enjoyment of the wine and the recycling of its packaging.


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